Южноуральская изоляторная компания
Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Plant Южноуральская изоляторная компания



The plant has all facilities, measuring devices and equipment necessary for quality control and testing in compliance with the requirements stipulated by national and international standards.

Type and periodic tests of Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Plant's products are carried out in independent national and international test centers (VEIKI in Hungary, JSC "NIIPT" in St. Petersburg, JSC "VNIIE" in Moscow, Kema in Holland, SGS Fimko in Finland). Due to cooperation with the test laboratories, the plant has the possibility to carry out any tests on Customer's request.

In December 1996, JSC "YuAIZ" became the 18th Russian enterprise which introduced and certified its quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001 requirements. Traditions of serious and responsible attitude to quality problems got their continuation in the development of the quality management system which enabled the plant in 2002 to prove the compliance of its system with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.